Since 1993

Wholesale provider of trade and hobby products New Zealand wide.

Avetek NZ is a privately owned, family run business and is a wholesaler to both the Trade and Hobby Industry in New Zealand.

Our business focuses on three key areas of the hobby industry:

  • Balsa wood, Plywood and spruce for the discerning modeler and model making industry.
  • Cyanoacrylates (Superglues) and epoxies as well as traditional modelling cements and liquids.
  • Manufacture and distribution of the Airsail range of the “junior” range of hand launched gliders.

The Airsail product range has evolved from the traditional die cut style of kit to now be fully laser cut.

We also offer the full range of Jerry Bates Plans and his laser cut short kits as well as a small but growing range of our own "in-house" product. This is our Avetek NZ range of good quality and very accurate Free flight scale models as well as some specialist glider scale models in various sizes.

We also offer a laser cutting, CNC routing, 3d Printing and CAD (2d & 3d) service "in house".

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